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About Us

SINDOF is an organization formed from two disciplines Business and Information Technology, we merge these two disciplines into one roof and we named it with SINDOF Media. SINDOF Media we specialize for marketing strategy by using internet base or commonly called with digital marketing. The role we offer here is a solution for marketing to achieve target. Using digital media in its own way, we strive to realize the best advantage of a product, so that the product is more appealing to its customers and expand the network for our customers

Who We Are

We are a team that strives to help you solve problems and provide solutions for you through digital media so that your company's growth continues to increase and reach the goal

What We Do

We conduct market analysis of your company's needs, and also through the applications we create, we will provide solutions for your ease in achieving the target

Why Choose Us

The PICs in our team are reliable and have the best experience in performing their duties and responsibilities

Our Services

As a media that specializes to marketing strategy using the internet base or commonly called with digital marketing. The role we offer here is a solution for marketing to achieve target


Doing marketing activities using the internet, has several advantages and convenience when we compare it with other marketing ways. We can do it anytime and control it at a time we want without any time limit


The best marketing is to be easy to reach by its target and easy to be made recommendations to other society and effect to increase loyalty to company, besides can increase good relationship between company and consumer


The right media will allow you to get the target as needed. Reliable communication tools can provide enhanced market capabilities to absorb information about your business presence supported by the creativity of each individual


Getting the best solution, should be a consistent result, able to see a good point of view, easily accepted by community and can meet the needs

Our Portfolio

Here are our activities on some of tasks we've done

Coca-cola Project

Route To Market (RTM)
Project Title

Pertagas Project

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Pertamina Gas
Project Title

SCIS Project

Forum Group Discussion (FGD) Development for Magister International Relations
Project Title

Coca-cola Project

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Project Title

Project with FnF

Relationship Management System Development
Project Title

Coca-cola Project

Market Improvement West Java Region Area
Project Title

COC Jakarta West Project

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Citarik
Project Title

SOF Project

Maintenance & Develop Asset Manajemen System
Project Title

Meet the Team

"The Best Results Do Not Come From One Expert
But The Best Results Come From A Solid Team"


Tosa Narindra

Creative Business Development


M Frankky Fadholi

Creative Web Development


Dede Irawan

Creative App Development


Rizky Syafitri

Creative Mobile Development

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