Amazon is adding a new feature to its Kindle app that lets users track their Amazon Prime membership status and buy new books and movies online

Amazon is rolling out a new way to track its Kindle customers, one that lets them see which books and movie they’ve purchased.

The new feature, dubbed Rippln, will automatically update Amazon Prime members with the latest information about their purchases.

The feature was announced Tuesday by Amazon Chief Financial Officer David Caswell and will roll out in phases starting with the Kindle 3, which is expected to hit stores in November.

“We’re excited to bring Ripplin to the Kindle.

We believe this will become a powerful new way for our customers to manage their Prime membership and keep track of the movies they’ve bought,” Caswell said.”

It’s an extension of our efforts to build our Prime memberships, and we want to make sure they are always up-to-date with what’s going on with the movie and book industry.”

Rippln lets customers see their Prime Membership status on a new tab within the Amazon app.

Users can check the box that says “Ripplin” to see how much time they’ve spent on Prime.

They can also check the “All movies” box, which lets them easily see what they’ve paid for on Amazon Prime, the company said.

It’s the latest example of Amazon taking advantage of Prime’s convenience.

Users are able to book movies, books, and TV shows with just a few taps on their smartphones, and they can subscribe to a wide variety of services including Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Video, and Prime Video Red.

But the service is also getting pressure from movie studios and publishers, who want more of their movies and TV programs on the Kindle to better compete with Apple and Netflix.

In a statement, a Netflix spokesman said the company has “strong concerns about Amazon’s plan to expand its streaming video offerings to include Rippls movies and television shows, including those that are currently exclusive to Amazon.”

“Netflix has been actively working with Amazon to ensure its content is available to its Prime members in a way that is consistent with the terms of its service,” the company wrote.

The Kindle’s new feature is being rolled out in stages, with the first rollout scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

It will roll to Kindle owners by the end of the year.

The company also said it will add more than 100 more features to the Amazon Appstore and other platforms.