What is Ayush? 1

Businesses across India are getting ready to launch their first batch of branded social networks, including one called Ayush, which has been launched by a team from the marketing advisory group Ayush Network.

Ayush Network will be a mobile app and a web portal, with a focus on the social media space, that will offer a more comprehensive profile for users, a spokesperson said.

The Ayush app is a free app that will be available to anyone from June 29, said Anuj Bhargava, the managing director at Ayush.

The portal will be made available to all Ayush users in a month.

In a separate development, Bhargave, a leading online retailer, has partnered with Flipkart to launch a branded social network called Flipkarte.

This will be launched on June 22, the spokesperson said, adding that the company will also launch a ‘Bengalisation’ section on the app in the coming weeks.

A large chunk of the revenue from Flipkarts business is going to Ayush and Bhargaves ‘BENGALisation’ segment, the company said in a statement.

It has a market value of Rs 2,300 crore and is currently working with the largest social network in India, said the spokesperson.

It is not clear how much revenue Flipkara would have from Ayush or Bhargavas platform.

A total of six companies, including Flipkarta, are currently working on Ayush-branded apps.