How to beat the market for long-term money

A network marketing marketing forecaster says that long-tail investing is becoming increasingly popular with traders and investors who are looking to get into the long-haul market.

In a report, Money Morning, financial technology analyst Matt Schick wrote: “We are seeing traders and financial institutions seeking long-distance trading opportunities to make money, and long-Distance Trading (LTF) is seeing significant growth in the short-term and long term.”

According to the research firm, the market is dominated by two large players in the field, the LTC (Laser Trading Corp.) and the CME (Central Futures Exchange).

LTC, a technology company that provides the platform for long distance trading, has seen significant growth over the past year, growing from $2.5bn in 2016 to $17bn in 2018.

The CME has been growing for over a decade and has seen a similar increase.

However, it has seen an increase in trading volume as traders seek to make a profit.

According to Money Morning’s research, long-tailing trading is gaining in popularity as traders move towards longer-term strategies and long distance transactions.

“The growth in long-Tail Trading has come at a time when the market has been under pressure from volatility, price declines and volatility related to Brexit,” Schick said.

“It’s a perfect storm for LTF trading.”

Schick said long-tailed trading is seeing the biggest growth, and is a way for traders to make extra money.

“If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, long Tails are a great way to do it,” he said.

He said traders have noticed the increased demand in the long term, with an average increase in long tail trades in the past three years.

Schick added: “Long-Tails have been gaining a lot of interest and it’s not just the longtail traders.

There’s also a lot more traders that are buying into the strategy than ever before.”

He added that traders are looking for ways to make more money in the longer term, and are now looking to take advantage of the increasing long-turns.

“We have seen a surge in long Tailed trades over the last two years, and I think it’s very much due to a number of factors,” Schock said.

According the Money Morning research, a lot is being made from long-tails and the increased trading volume is making money for traders.”LTC’s (laser trading) revenues have grown by 25% over the previous three years, but that growth has been driven by a very significant increase in the amount of trades made,” Schicks said.

The number of trades on LTC rose by 1.8% in 2018, according to Money Daily.

“This is a very attractive business opportunity,” Schillis said.

Schillis also highlighted the increasing trend towards long-treks and the number of short-treights.

“With a lot less time to take profits, traders are turning to long-Treks as a way of getting extra cash out of their investment,” he added.

The market is also seeing a growth in short-Trek trading.

“While the market continues to be dominated by the short tail, there is growing demand from traders for long Treks,” Schills said.

This trend is due to the increased volatility that is impacting the market.

“As long as there is volatility, the short and long tail traders are competing with each other and the markets can fluctuate wildly,” he explained.

“Long Treks are becoming increasingly attractive as long-time investors are looking beyond a one-year period.”

The Financial Conduct Authority has recently warned traders against trading in the market as volatility is rising.

“Our advice is to exercise caution when trading in a market that is highly volatile, such as the market in the US,” it said.