Why you should avoid the $5,000,000 marketing mistake

The world of marketing is full of marketing mistakes. 

The big ones, like the one that has led to Google launching an app called Google+ in the UK, have become commonplace. 

But there are others, too. 

Here’s a list of the most common marketing mistakes and the best way to avoid them. 


You Need to Be on the Same Page as the Product Your Target Market is Using: When I was in business, I used to say that you should use the same keyword or phrase in every pitch you were sending out. 

It worked. 

If you need to market to a specific market, that’s a great thing. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should try to use the exact same keyword. 

In fact, that would be a great idea, but it’s not the right way to go. 

Instead, try to include at least one word or phrase that stands out, and then make sure it’s clear where you’re coming from. 


You Can’t Ask For A Marketer’s Opinion: There’s a saying that if you’re not asking for a marketer’s opinion, you’re just ignoring them.

That’s true, but if you don’t ask for their opinion, the people you’re selling to will be more likely to agree with your own. 


Your Brand is Already There: Many marketers believe that if they build a brand, it will magically rise to the top of the Google search results. 

That’s not always true. 

Brand building is an ongoing process, so it’s important to be mindful of what your brand is already. 


Your Target Audience Will Be Optimized: If your target audience already knows you, and they’re already familiar with your product, then you’re already ahead of the game. 

This is also true if you have a well-known brand, or have some experience selling products to other people. 


Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Be Specific: The majority of marketing strategies are based on a sales funnel. 

To get a product to market, you need your target customer to buy a product, and you need them to buy more products. 

You want to build your business on a specific set of sales patterns, so you need a specific marketing strategy. 


You’re Not Getting Out There: This one might seem obvious, but I’ve seen some marketers say that the marketing that they do is simply not relevant. 

Don’t believe them.


Your Product is Already Good: You know you can sell your product. 

What you don, however, is what you don. 

Some companies will be able to convince themselves that their product is great, but they will miss out on the opportunity to build a loyal customer base. 


Your Products Are Already Popular: It’s tempting to believe that your target market is just buying your product to be more excited about it. 

Many people won’t bother looking for new products, but that doesn. 


Your Industry Doesn’t Matter: A lot of marketers think that a lot of things that are important to them are in the same basket as marketing. 

They might be in a marketing industry that doesn, or they might be selling products that aren’t really relevant to the target audience. 


You’ve Just Made A Big Mistake: For every mistake that you make in marketing, there are plenty more you can avoid. 

I’ve already discussed the best marketing mistakes, but this article will cover some of the other mistakes that you can make if you know how to avoid the biggest mistakes in marketing.