New research shows that network marketing companies do a better job of marketing to people who are already on their networks

Updated September 20, 2018 11:00:53A new study from the Oxford Economics Unit suggests that network marketers are more likely to reach out to people on their own network and to get them to take action than other companies, which suggests that marketing to existing networks is a valuable way to build new ones.

The research found that in 2015, around one in four people on social networks used network marketing to manage their finances, while about one in six used the same tactic for managing their finances as a full-time employee.

This was the case for both men and women, according to the study, published in the Journal of Business Ethics.

The study also found that network advertising is also more effective for getting people to take actions that will lead to greater wealth than traditional marketing channels, which can lead to more money to invest.

The researchers found that when people on Facebook and Twitter were asked to take a survey, they were more likely than people who were not on their network to respond.

This finding was not surprising as most people do not like the idea of being asked to sign up for an account or participate in a survey.

However, when people were asked what they were most looking forward to in the coming year, more than half of the participants said that they would like to participate in social networking sites, while just four per cent said they would prefer to buy something with their money.

The results of the study are likely to encourage companies and individuals who work in network marketing and are looking to reach people on a wider range of platforms to look at ways to use social networks to reach a broader group of people.

“We found that people on network marketing sites were more interested in having their questions answered than people on other sites, and that was a big finding for us,” Professor Jonathan Wood, from the university’s department of business and marketing, said.

“The more people on networks, the more they want to be asked.”

Professor Wood said that the study was a good example of how network marketing is becoming more mainstream.

“It’s not just a few companies who are doing it, but there are a lot of companies now who have a big network of people who they’re marketing to,” he said.

Professor Wood is the lead author of the paper, which is published in an upcoming issue of the journal Ethics and Behaviour.

“Our research shows networks have huge potential for helping people manage their money, and the research shows they can do this without requiring people to get involved in the whole system of a financial firm,” Professor Wood said.

“I think we have a lot more work to do before we are able to see a network-based economy where everyone has access to a platform where they can manage their own money.”

The Oxford Economics team has been working to develop a framework for measuring network marketing success and the potential impact it could have on people’s lives.

“This work is part of the wider work to understand how networks can help people manage money,” Professor Brian Cox, from Oxford’s Department of Management, said