Microsoft is testing a new software that helps businesses connect with customers through online content using the Xbox platform

Microsoft is reportedly testing a tool that can help businesses connect to customers through the Xbox Live online gaming platform by enabling content to be played directly on the device.

Microsoft, which has previously experimented with virtual reality, is said to be developing a software that can play content from online gaming apps and games directly onto the Xbox One.

Microsoft previously revealed that it was developing a VR gaming app, but it didn’t mention that it would be using the company’s cloud-based network.

The Xbox app would allow content from Xbox Live to be streamed to the console from the device’s Kinect sensor.

The app would then automatically stream this content to the Xbox SmartGlass for online play.

The app could also be used to connect with gamers directly through the Microsoft Store, a platform that Microsoft has previously used to offer Xbox games and games apps to customers.

A source told The Verge that Microsoft was testing a software called “Zeal” which can use Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to host content on the Xbox.

The source said that the software would work “as part of Microsoft’s network marketing strategy to provide customers with new online marketing opportunities.”

“Zeal is built with Kinect in mind,” the source added.

“We have a very clear vision for the product and we are working with Microsoft to get this right.

We hope that with our expertise and experience in creating compelling content for our customers we will be able to deliver a service that will deliver meaningful customer engagement.”

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.