‘Nordstrom: We’re Not Really Making Yours’

The new version of Nordstrom, the flagship fashion store, launched a slew of new products on Friday.

The first is a line of “food marketing” tools.

In one instance, the site shows the brand’s food marketing campaign on a screen in the shopping cart.

Another features a new “food product review” section.

The next product is a new line of kitchenware, and it comes with a warning.

It warns consumers that they might accidentally cook their food while using the items in the products’ categories, or while using “naturally cooked” products.

Another new item is a barcode scanner, which allows users to scan barcodes and check the status of their food orders.

This scanner can be used to check the health status of a food product, and a number of items in that category are listed for sale on the site.

Nordstrans is the first major brand to roll out the food marketing tool suite.

The company previously launched the first version of its “food app” earlier this year.

The app lets users order items from grocery stores, and then the items they order can be delivered directly to their door.

This is not the first time Nordstrom has rolled out the new food app.

The retailer introduced the tool in March 2017, and earlier this month, it added an additional 20 new products to the app.

Norton said the new tools will be available to customers “within days.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.