Nepal’s Nepali brand launches new nutrition label with Nutritional Info, and more

Nepali food giant Nestlé announced a new line of Nutritional Information, and added a nutrition section to the brand website.

The company said the new label, launched in August, was designed to be the “first ever to include a full nutritional description, complete with nutritional content, which will be more relevant to Nepali communities”.

“Nestlé has been a pioneer in providing nutrition for the Nepali market, and this new Nutritional information will serve as a powerful way to communicate nutrition to our global audience,” Nestlé chief executive Michael Nestle said.

Nestle said the label would include more than 500 food items, including recipes, nutrition facts, and product data.

“Nestles own brand, Nesco, has been making a great impact in the Nepalese market, where it sells some of the best frozen food on the planet, and we are excited to see how this brand will continue to expand,” Nestle added.

Nepal’s food and beverage market is valued at about $1.8 trillion, according to the World Bank.

Nestell, whose products include Nestle, the Nestlé brand, Nestle juice and its own branded products, is a joint venture between Nestlé and PepsiCo.