Why the 3m people who lost their jobs are starting to feel empowered

3M Ireland, the global outsourcing giant, has revealed the number of people who have lost their job because of automation, or outsourcing, in the past three months, and are now on their way to reclaiming jobs through self-employment.

In a statement, the firm said that it has “detailed the data to date” and that “we believe it is important to identify who is losing their jobs through automation and how it affects them”.

The company said that its data is being shared with “a wide range of organisations and stakeholders”.

The number of jobs lost due to automation has reached 3.6m in the three months to the end of March, the company said, and it expects this to rise to 3.8m in June.

The firm added that it had identified “a significant amount of people” who were “unable to find employment”.

It said that the company has already started “rehabilitating” them, with more than 400 jobs being rehoused.

The company also revealed that the number in the “unemployment recovery area” has also been “staggering” at 1.4 million.

The number who have regained their jobs is rising in both Ireland and Europe, and this “is partly due to our efforts to assist workers in this transition”, the firm added.

The UK, which is struggling to recover from the economic crisis and has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, has seen a significant increase in the number who were employed, with 4.6 million people now in the recovery area.

The European Commission said in May that it expected the number to rise by about 200,000 people, as the recovery from the global financial crisis takes hold.