Why network marketing is good for business: The top 10 reasons why network ads work in the digital age

The reason why network advertising works so well for brands today is because of what network marketers call the “network effect”.

In other words, network marketing works by using an audience to drive an audience into a store, which ultimately results in more sales.

But what happens when an audience isn’t there to sell to?

That’s where the network effect comes into play.

This is the same phenomenon that leads marketers to spend more time and effort on getting the “right” demographic for their campaigns.

And as the network effects of network marketing continue to grow, it’s become even more important for marketers to understand the importance of their network to their success.

According to Nielsen, network marketers spent more than $2.6 billion in 2017 on the Internet alone, with $2 billion of that spent in mobile.

The top five reasons why this is so are as follows: