Microsoft wants you to be a better user of its Xbox One network

Microsoft has launched an online survey for Xbox One owners to find out how you would feel about its new platform.

According to Microsoft, the survey is aimed at “building community and creating excitement about the Xbox One platform” and the results will be shared in the coming weeks.

According the survey, a majority of respondents (65%) said they would use the platform to stream their favourite content on demand, which is an increase of 2% over the previous month.

Respondents were also asked to give their opinions on the console, with the majority of them (52%) saying they preferred a controller and mouse, while a smaller percentage (21%) preferred a keyboard and mouse.

The Xbox One is also said to be the only console that can “run 4K HDR content” and is the first console to have a built-in GPU.

Microsoft has previously revealed that the Xbox console will come with an IR blaster to make it easier to control your home entertainment setup.

The console will also be the first Xbox One to support the “Xbox One Camera”, which allows users to capture video and video content directly onto the console.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will be available from March 3, 2017.