New research finds that networks like Netflix can save the planet

How much money is Netflix making from its advertising?

The answer is less than you might think.

In a new paper, researchers from the University of Oxford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) estimate that Netflix is saving the planet by less than $1 per year on its advertising.

The paper, published in the journal Scientific Reports, found that Netflix’s ad spend is just a third of what the average American household spends on advertising, a much lower rate than the estimated $3.7 billion Netflix spent in 2016.

The researchers analyzed data from Netflix’s “advertising revenue share” report, which is released quarterly by the streaming company.

The report shows how much each streamer spends on ads for each stream.

The data showed that Netflix spends around $2 billion annually on advertising.

This figure is the same as that used in a 2016 study by Netflix, which found that the company spends roughly $6 billion on advertising each year.

In the 2016 study, Netflix’s ads cost $2.6 billion.

In this latest study, the researchers estimate that the average Netflix subscriber spends $2 per month on ads.

Netflix’s revenue share was $5 billion in 2016, which means that a Netflix subscriber pays around $4 per month for the service.

The team also estimated that if Netflix was allowed to keep all of its revenue from ads, it would save the equivalent of a quarter of all the carbon dioxide emitted from the US.

That’s a huge savings for the planet.

Netflix currently charges $9.99 a month for streaming movies and TV shows, though the company recently said that it would increase that to $12 a month.

But that doesn’t seem like much when you consider that Netflix makes $6.9 billion from ads.

If Netflix could keep all that money, that would give it a huge incentive to be more efficient in its advertising spending.

Netflix is not alone in its efforts to save the world.

In May, Amazon started to offer free streaming video to Prime members.

The company has also started to show ads in some of its Prime Video shows.

But unlike Netflix, Amazon has not taken advantage of a federal tax break that gives it a large amount of revenue that it can use to make advertising-free services like Netflix.

The federal government has said that if it could afford to buy a large number of streaming services, it could easily get the same amount of tax breaks that Netflix has.

This is not the first time Netflix has found itself in the headlines for its efforts.

Last year, Netflix was accused of profiting off of a Russian state propaganda campaign.

The charges came from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and several news organizations.