Which AdWords AdWords Ads are the Most Commonly Used?

The following is a guide to which AdWords ads are the most common in the AdWords network, according to data from adsphere.com. 


Network Advertising (Adwords Network)  This is the most commonly used ad group for AdWords advertisers.

Network advertising is where advertisers send out multiple advertisements to different groups of people. 


Affiliate Advertising (Affiliate Network) Affiliate advertising is an advertising group that involves the sale of product or services from a company in exchange for a referral. 


Mobile Advertising (Mobile Network) Mobile advertising is advertising where an advertiser links to a website where the advertiser can be identified by their unique mobile device identifier. 


Advertising and Promotions (AdWords Advertising) Advertising is advertising that involves paying a commission to an advertisers service provider or brand. 


Marketing & Media (Advertising & Media)Advertising and marketing is the production and dissemination of advertising and marketing messages. 


Mobile Ads (Mobile Advertiser Network)Advertisers pay a small fee to a third party to deliver ads to the mobile device of an individual. 


Mobile Marketing (Mobile Advertising Network)Mobile advertising and mobile marketing is a marketing and advertising strategy. 


Social Media Marketing (Social Media Marketing)Social media marketing is marketing for people who share your content on social media. 


Social & Personal Marketing (AdSense Marketing)AdSense is a payment system for online marketing that helps advertisers reach potential customers. 


Social Network Advertising(AdSense Network)The AdSense network is where you pay for the placement of ads to target your audience. 


Network Ads (Adsense Network)This is where your advertisers advertise to groups of users. 


Mobile Advertisers (Advertiser Ad Group)Ads that are placed by an advertisercare affiliate. 


Mobile Campaigns (AdCampaigns) This is a way for your advertisers to reach new audiences through targeting their campaigns with mobile devices. 


Media Advertising (Media Network)Media advertising is when a network of media companies buy or pay for ads to run on television and radio. 


Media & Publishing (Media & Publishing)Adwords Media & Publications is the advertising and publishing industry. 


Media Advertisment (Media Advertising)Adming to the media companies who own the advertising space. 


Media Networking (Ad Networks)The term network advertising refers to a network comprised of several AdWords networks. 


Adwords Advertising Network (Ad Ads Network)An ad network that includes other AdWords groups. 


Media Platforms (Media Platforms)This ad group is where other ad groups are placed. 


Social Advertising (Social Network Advertising)Social advertising is a form of advertising that is targeted to specific demographics. 


Mobile Video Advertisor (Ads Platform)Mobile video advertisers are the advertisers who provide adverts to a television or radio network. 


Mobile Media (Media Advertising)This group includes media groups who distribute content through websites or mobile devices, as well as ad networks. 


AdWords Advertising (Search Advertising)Search advertising is the buying of ads on search engines for websites or media networks.24.

Media Partnering (Media Partnering)This means the buying or selling of a service for advertisers. 


Network Advertisership (Ad Partners Network)Network advertising is in the form of an agreement between an advertisor and a network to place ads on the network. 


Social Marketing (social marketing)Social marketing is how brands and individuals share information and promote themselves through social media and other social media platforms. 


Mobile Marketing (Mobile Marketing)This includes the buying and selling of mobile devices for mobile advertising. 


Social Ads (social ads)Social ads are advertising that uses the social sharing features of social media to reach consumers. 


Media Networks (Media Networks)This category includes all media companies that make money from the sale or rental of advertising space on websites or through other platforms.30.

Social Networks (Social Advertising)A network that offers a service or content for users to share with others. 


AdSense Network (ad networks)Ad networks are the businesses that own the rights to the content and advertisements. 


Ad Networking Ad networks include networks like AdSense, AdWords, AdSense Media Network, and AdSense Platforms. 


Mobile Networking (Mobile Networking)The most common network for AdSense advertising, as defined by adspheres.com, and mobile advertising are Mobile Networks. 


Networking Advertisments (Ad Networking Network)In the Ad Networks category, networks are businesses that make their