What’s new in network marketing 2018

Network marketing expos are now back, with brands like Nike and Adidas having their own expos for brands to showcase their latest releases.

The expos, which are taking place across the UK, were first held in September 2018, but have been re-launched on the same day as the UK’s annual expo for brands.

In total, around 20,000 people from the UK and around 30 countries have applied for the expos to showcase new products.

Nike unveiled its first network marketing product at its launch event in August, featuring a Nike Zoom Boost Trainer, Nike FuelBand, Nike Flyknit and Nike Air Max.

Adidas launched its first collaboration with Nike at its flagship event in London in March, featuring the Nike Hyper Flyknit Tote and Nike Zoom Flyknit, and the Nike Zoom Elite Boost Tote.

A variety of brand new products have been showcased in the expo this year, including the Nike Fuelband, Nike Zoom Air Max, Nike Air Jordan 2 and Nike Hyper Boost.

Although Nike’s new collaboration with Adidas was the first time that the shoe manufacturer has teamed up with a brand, it is not the first Nike collaboration.

In 2018, Nike introduced a new colourway of the Nike Air Yeezy Boost, which also featured a colourway for the Nike Boost Boost 2.0.

For the first year of expos in 2018, brands can display a range of products, including branded and non-branded footwear, jewellery and accessories.

Brands can also choose to showcase a range for their website, including branding, videos and branded social media.