When you think you know everything, you know more than you think

Google has released an update to its network marketing strategy, clarifying that there are no “rules” to network marketing.

“You should never limit your network marketing to one target or one business, and never restrict your network to a single network or a single product,” reads the update.

“Network marketing should be about connecting and sharing information, and the more you connect, the more your network is relevant and useful.”

The company’s new network marketing guidelines go into effect on March 6.

Network marketing is a major way marketers target customers with a series of targeted products and services.

But there’s still a lot of overlap in how people use networks and how they connect with them, according to network marketers.

For example, you might have a network of people that share a lot in common, and they might all have a different way of getting people to your site or to your app.

You might also have a lot people that might share similar interests and have a similar goal of getting more people to the same website or app, or vice versa.

“There’s no ‘one way’ or ‘one thing’ to network,” says Mark Kramar, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Admob, the world’s largest network marketing company.

“It’s a very diverse and evolving landscape, and it’s important to be aware of all of the different elements of that landscape.”

The updated guidelines also give marketers a few new tips for how to connect with people on different networks.

For instance, you can’t “go big” or “go small” with a network.

“We believe that network marketing should include a wide range of platforms, and we recognize that not all users will be interested in a particular product or service,” the guidelines say.

Instead, you should create an online community for your network, which could include email lists, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook groups.

And as for your own network, it’s time to rethink how you communicate with people.

“The important thing to remember is that the people that you connect with should be the people you’re most interested in,” says Krammar.

“Make sure you’re making connections with people that are relevant and interesting to you, and not just a handful of people.”