The best of Serie A’s best from the first half of 2018

There’s a good chance you have been watching a football match or two at some point this year.

It might be in a stadium in Italy’s capital, Rome, or in a city you know well such as Naples or Rome.

Whatever the occasion, you’ve probably been watching or talking to someone who’s been.

And for the first few months of 2018, there’s no denying that the best of the best was playing.

Here are the best highlights from 2018.

Serie A The second tier of the English football league.

The top flight has five teams: Bologna, Genoa, Parma, Udinese and Torino.

It’s played in the city of Bologno, with a population of 1.2 million, but is also spread across the country.

It also has teams in the north of Italy, in the far east and south of Italy.

The Bolognese team finished fourth in Serie A last season and is the only team in Serie B to have a season ending defeat.

In this year’s league, the Bolognians were a team in the top half of the table and have been consistently in the hunt for the top four positions ever since.

Their season ended with a defeat at home to Sampdoria, but that defeat was the result of a refereeing error.

The team are currently sitting in fifth place, and the gap is closing rapidly, with four games left in the season.

In the first part of the season, the league saw a surge in popularity for the young, up-and-coming players.

A few of them had impressive performances, including one in which he scored the first goal for Bologny in a league match.

The youngster, Bruno Boffi, who is also in his first season in Serie F, scored five goals for Genoa last season.

Another player, Marco Calvi, scored three goals in four matches for Torino, and has been playing for the club since the age of 11.

The Italian international is the current captain of Torino’s Under-20 team, and scored five league goals.

He scored the goals against Genoa in the last game of the Serie A season.

There was also a new signing, Giorgio Chiellini, who joined Torino in the summer, and helped the team win the Scudetto.

He made his debut in Serie D last season, and also played for the Scuola Sudamericana side in the Europa League.

A lot of young players came to Torino for the right reasons, and many of them are now in the starting line-up, including former Torino player Giuseppe Bellusci.

The former Lazio striker is now a player with Genoa and is also the assistant coach for the Under-21 side.

The Torino manager, Paolo De Laurentiis, told a press conference after the game that the team had a lot of talent, and he expects the young players to grow into the top level of the game.

He added that it is important for the team to improve.

The last time Torino won a league game was in the Champions League in 2014, when they beat Juventus.

The season is still just over a year old, and in the meantime, Bologni has had a great start to the season in the league.

They finished the season at 14th, and will look to stay there for the rest of the campaign.

There is a great atmosphere in the Torino stands, with the players cheering each other on.

The players also take pride in their performances, with some even scoring goals themselves.

As always, they are the biggest supporters of the team.

Bolognia, Geno A top flight team that is based in Genoa.

It is the oldest league in the country, and is played in Genoese towns, towns of Baccio and Tuscany.

The Serie A is played from May until September.

It has five clubs: Genoa/Genoa, Torino/Torino, Bognor Regis/Bognor, Brescia/Brescia and Bologlia/Bologlia.

The Genoa team finished sixth in SerieA last season (16th in the whole league) and will continue to be in the relegation battle, despite being a team that finished seventh in Serie E in 2017.

They are currently third in the table, and they are looking to win the Serie B title.

The two Genoa teams are currently in the play-offs.

The play-off in Serie C will be held from March 28 to May 4.

There are currently 16 teams in Serie H. It was played in Bresciano, the Italian town with the highest population in Bolognas province, and was played between the teams in June.

Brescians teams finished fifth in Serie I last season; they have not played in Serie M since 2019.

Bognors teams have a very solid reputation for winning