Google’s network marketing team has been replaced

Google has laid off its network marketing manager, a move that has left a handful of senior executives with the task of overseeing the company’s network of more than 100,000 marketing platforms, many of which have a large number of ad platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

The network marketing unit was formed by Google to help it expand into new areas of digital marketing.

Its biggest challenges in the digital world are getting people to pay attention to the ads, which are now being driven by apps and websites, and it has struggled to find ways to monetise those digital efforts, especially among brands that do not have a huge reach. 

Google said that in July it hired an interim marketing manager to oversee the network marketing program, which is led by Kevin D’Agostino, the former chief operating officer at Microsoft. 

“I am very excited to join Google’s new network marketing initiative,” D’Amore said in a statement on Monday.

“We are working with the team to develop a strategy to deliver a digital advertising platform that delivers ads to a large segment of our audience and delivers value to advertisers, including publishers.

We have a great group of people in this new network.

I look forward to working with them.” 

Network marketing has been a focus of Google since it launched the company in 2004 and the new team will be responsible for marketing its various networks. 

D’Agotino has been working in the marketing team since 2009 and previously served as chief marketing officer at Yahoo. 

Last year, he stepped down from Yahoo after he resigned over the company s leadership’s failure to find and nurture a creative voice for its digital strategy. 

Other senior network marketing positions will be filled by a group of senior marketers who were also previously hired at Yahoo to help guide its digital business. 

At Google, the network strategy was overseen by Jefferies senior digital strategist Mark Cote, who previously served in marketing at Facebook. 

As part of the layoffs, the company said it would be closing down the companys network marketing department and would no longer be using existing staff to oversee its digital marketing efforts. 

In a statement, Google said that its network marketers will continue to work on building new and existing brands, but that the current focus will be on expanding the company to new markets. 

On the social media side, it is also expected that its senior marketing team will remain on the job to help Google continue to expand its reach in the social space, where it had been struggling to do well. 

One of the key tasks for the new network managers will be to help to ensure that Google continues to deliver relevant content, which will include advertising targeting. 

While it may not have an immediate impact on its advertising efforts, it will be a big blow to the company when it has to choose between growing its ad revenue or its advertisers. 

It has been an uphill battle for Google to grow its ad revenues, with its ad spending in the US falling by 10% year-on-year in April. 

That was the worst performance in the industry, according to comScore, which said Google had to invest $100bn to make up for the fall in ad spend. 

Earlier this year, Google was facing pressure to find a creative way to monetize its ad networks and make money on its online advertising platform, Google AdWords, as it has seen its user base drop in the last five years. 

But the company is continuing to experiment with new revenue models for its ads and has said that it will continue its push into social to make money.