When the internet is broken, the NFL is your only hope

In March of this year, the internet exploded when the Los Angeles Rams announced they were to move to Los Angeles and relocate to Inglewood, California, the home of the Los Angles Rams.

That move was met with great excitement by fans and the community as well as many people who thought it was a great move.

But the move also led to an even bigger uproar from many in the Los Angelenos community, especially since the team had been in San Diego for years and the team’s owner was an Inglewoods native.

The Chargers were one of the most popular franchises in the NFL and the NFL’s San Diego market was the largest in the country.

Many people felt that the move was too close to the team and the Chargers had a chance to be a real franchise in San Francisco.

But even more people were worried that the Chargers would not have the resources to stay in the city and had a difficult time attracting fans from outside of the city.

Many fans and players also felt that moving the Chargers to Ingleside would hurt the franchise and the fans, something that was not going to go over well with many fans.

The city of Inglemont was also the site of the Chargers home opener in 2019.

As a result, a lot of people in the area were not happy about the move.

Fans and people who supported the team, the Chargers, and the city of Los Angeles were among the groups who were concerned about the city’s future.

This is a story about two of the biggest sports teams in the world.

We have to talk about what happened when the internet was broken, and this is why people are so angry.

It is time for a new league, a new era.

When the Internet was broken in 2017, the Los Angels Chargers announced that they would move to Inglingo, California.

In 2017, Ingleville, a small city about 25 miles from Ingleport, California (population: 2,500), was also on the move as a result of the relocation of the New York Jets.

Ingle’s population was almost the same as Ingleberg, a city about 75 miles south of Ingletown.

Both Ingle and Ingleburg were the home to the NFL Los Angeles Chargers.

In 2018, the LA Chargers were the first team to sign a new contract with the New Orleans Saints.

This was the beginning of the end for the Chargers franchise.

The team is expected to be sold to a new owner in 2021, and a new stadium could be constructed for the new franchise in Ingleland.