The first ever vegan pizza restaurant in India

India is set to become the first country to open its first vegan restaurant.

The new venture, called Vegetarian Pizza, has been established by Preeti Sankaran, a woman who has been vegan for more than a decade. 

Sankaran’s company, which has a presence in India, has set up a vegan restaurant in Bangalore’s Kannur district.

Vegetarian Pizza has set its sights on a wide range of vegan food, from salads to tofu.

Its first restaurant is scheduled to open in the next few weeks. 

The restaurant will have three separate zones. 

One will have vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, while another will have veggie, non-dairy and vegetarian options.

The third will have both vegan and vegetarian restaurants. 

“The vegetarian section is where we will have the meat-free options,” Sankan told the Times of India. 

She said the concept has already gone through extensive testing. 

 “We have tested the menu on three different continents. 

We have been able to create a vegan menu.

The idea is to make it more appealing for people, to have a more diverse menu,” she said. 

According to the Times Of India, Vegetarian pizza will also serve vegetarian, vegan and vegan options. 

Vegetarians will be able to order the pizzas, which are served with a variety of toppings. 

A vegetarian option is also on the cards. 

This is not the first vegan pizza venture in India.

Preetik Bhattacharya, founder of Posh Vegan Pizza, opened a vegan pizza shop in New Delhi in 2017. 

It was the first pizza restaurant to be open in India and the first one in the world.

The business was shut down soon after. 

Bhattachary, who started the business in the UK, said that vegan food has been gaining popularity in India since the country opened up to the global economy in 1980. 

He also said that the trend towards veganism in the country has picked up since the first Indian vegan pizza was launched in 2011. 

India has a population of nearly 6.4 billion people. 

There are over 1.6 million vegans in the entire country, according to the World Health Organization.