How to write your own network marketing questions and answer answers

A quick check of your network marketing question list shows you some great ways to use the “I want to learn more” questions to gain insights from your audience.

If you can’t find a specific question you want to ask your audience, try asking the question in a generic way or as a follow-up question.

For example, ask “Why are you in the middle of a conference?” or “How can I get my network marketing skills up to speed?”

Here are five of my favorite questions for network marketing.


What is your favorite tool?

How do you find your favorite tools to use?

How can you make sure your customers and clients know about them?

What is the biggest challenge that you see in your market?

What are the best tools to make your business grow?

Is there any industry you are a part of?

Do you have any ideas for your next product?

The more questions you can get answered, the better your marketing strategy will be. 2.

What do you value most about your business?

What makes your business unique and unique from your competitors?

What do people think about you?

What can you do to keep your customers satisfied?

What should you be focusing on to grow your business or your company?

How should your customers pay you?

How will you manage your time?

What products should you sell to your customers?

What brand should you develop for your business to attract more customers?


What are your goals for the next year?

What does your company do to attract new customers?

Is it a priority for you to build a brand?

Do your employees and team share your goals?

What challenges are facing your company today?

What will you focus on next?


How would you recommend a team of people to build and maintain a successful business?

How would a team that you worked with last year make the same changes and improve on what they learned?

What questions are you most comfortable with the answer to?

Do they fit with your business model?

What goals or challenges do you want your team to overcome?


What will it take to build your business and your company, as a small business?

Where are you at right now, and how will you grow your company and your business from here?

How long have you been in the industry, what are your past experience?

What kind of projects do you have in the pipeline?

How is your network growing?

What skills are you bringing to the table that will help your company grow?

Have you found the right fit for your company’s needs?